Our partners


Mitelman Properties Inc. is one of Montreal’s leading providers of quality Office Space, with a select portfolio in prime business locations. With its portfolio of seven properties and growing in the Greater Montreal and Laval Areas, MPI works to meet all of your lease requirements, serving tenants both large and small.  Tenants include a wide range of small and medium professional businesses, consultants, dental surgeons, medical departments, and government.

MPI Service Benefits Include

-    Annual Meetings and tenant suggestion reviews

-    Customization and consistency

-    Professionally trained and experienced staff

-    Management and monitoring of maintenance, repairs and personnel

-    24 hour emergency service

-    Cost effective and comprehensive management plans

-    Recommendations on work and investments required for each property in order to improve profitability

-    Supervision and execution of capital expenditure and renovation

-    Consultation pertaining to specific subjects such as, site selection permits, electrical consumption, etc.